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 The European Cup was introduced in 1955, 68 years ago, was renamed as UEFA Champions League in 1992 after it underwent some marketing changes.

Di Stefano and the five European Cups (1951-1960) | Real Madrid C.F.UEFA Champions League Logo history


The tournament starts with 32 clubs, divided into 8 groups. The runners up and winning teams from each group are eligible for the next round, the third placed teams qualify or the UEFA Europa League.  Except for the final, all matches are played in a two-legged format.

Currently, the top leader scorer of the tournament is Cristiano Ronaldo with 140 goals and the second lead is taken by Lionel Messi with 129 goals. The UEFA Champions League title has been won by 22 clubs till date. Here is a list of all the clubs to ever win the title.

1.Real Madrid: 14 Wins – Champions of UEFA Champions League

Real Madrid was the first team to win the European Cup, the team won FIVE Cups back-to-back from 1955-1960.

The team played their first game against Reims where Leblond, Templin and Hidalgo scored three games. Di Stefano, Rial and Marquitos also scored three goals for RM. However, Rial’s fourth goal at 87 minutes made history for the
team making them win the very first cup.

Real Madrid v Stade Reims


In 1956-57 the team made their second consecutive win by defeating Fiorentina. Di Stefano and Gento scored two goals for Real Madrid where Fiorentina were unable to score.

Their third win in a row was when Real Madrid played a very intense match with Milan. The game was very unpredictable as Pepe scored the first goal for Milan. Di Stefano scored the first goal for Madrid. The scores were tied when Rial and Grillo both scored another goal for the respective team. Gento became the reason for RM to win their third European Cup 1957-58 when he scored a goal during the extra time allotted.

Mateos scored a goal in the very minute of the game against Reims. Di Stefano scored another goal during the second half of the game. The European Cup 1958-59 was won by Real Madrid for the fourth time maintaining their winning streak.

Real Madrid’s fifth uninterrupted won was magical to witness. The team defeated Frankfurt when RM scored 7 supreme goals, Di Stefano scored three goals and Puskas scored four goals, one of which was a penalty shot. Frankfurt had a total of 3 goals by Kress and a double goal by Stein, unfortunately it was not enough to compete with the magic RM had created. The team win their fifth consecutive cup in 1959-60.

Five years later, Real Madrid made it back to the winning charts after they beat Partizan by two goals. Vasovic scored a goal for Partizan during the first half, however, Amancio Amaro and Serena scored goals both four minutes apart during the second half. This completed Real Madrid’s sixth win in 1965-66.  

There was a period of draught for the team before they reemerged in 1997-98. Real Madrid played against Juventus scoring a goal after a tough competition. The team made their seventh win and were awarded the UEFA Champions League cup after 34 years.

In 1999-00 Real Madrid won their eighth cup after they defeated Valencia by scoring three goals where Valencia scored none.

Leverkusen and Real Madrid played together in the UEFA Champions League finale in 2001-02 where Lucio scored one for the Leverkusen. Two goals were scored by Real Madrid by Raul Gonzalez and Zidane which led to their ninth victory.

Atletico and Real Madrid made it to the finals in 2013-2014. Real Madrid performed spectacularly after scoring four goals while Atletico scored one. The champions are the first team to have won the Championship for the TENTH time.

Real Madrid made there eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth wins back-to-back in 2015-16, 2017-18 and 2018-19.
After 2014, Atletico and Real Madrid came face to face once again in 2015-16 Championship where both the teams gave a jaw-dropping performance. The teams tied by one goal, however, Real Madrid won for the eleventh time by penalties (5-3p).
RM played against Juventus and were victorious by scoring 4 goals against Juventus’s one goal. They won the UEFA Champions League for the twelfth time in 2016-17.
The next year 2017-18, Real Madrid defeated Liverpool by scoring three powerful goals while Liverpool could only score one marking it as their thirteenth win.

Real Madrid wins the Champions League title for the 14th time

Last year, Real Madrid and Liverpool shared the ground once again in the final of UEFA Champions League 2021-22. Real Madrid made history as they won the championship for the Fourteenth time.

2. Milan: 7 Wins

In 1962-63, Milan won their very first European Cup when they played against Benfica. Eusebio scored one goal at 19 minutes, however, Milan scored two goals. The double goal by Altafini in the second half led Milan to victory.

In 1968-69 Milan attained a beautiful victory against Ajax when they scored 4 goals. The score (4-1), caused Milan to win their second cup.

It took Milan twenty years to create their magic again, they made their comeback with two consecutive wins. Their third cup was against FCSB in 1988-89. The score of the match was (4-0). Their fourth cup was against Benfica where the teams scored (1-0) in 1989-90.

The UEFA Champions League 1993-94 was the fifth win for Milan, they scored a (4-0) against Barcelona.

In 2002-03, Milan played a very intense with Juventus, where neither of the teams were able to score a goal despite the extra added time. Nevertheless, the penalty shoot-out score of (2 - 3p) led Milan to win the UEFA Champions League 2002-03 after ten years marking their sixth win.

Milan won the UEFA Champions League for the seventh time in 2006-07. The team played against Liverpool. Milan succeeded by scoring two goals while Liverpool stood at one goal.

3. Liverpool: 6 Wins

The team had their first two consecutive wins in 1976-77 and 1977-78.

 In 1976-77 when they played against Monchengladbach. Liverpool scored 3 goals and Monchengladbach scored one goal, making the team owner of the European Cup.

Their second win in 1977-78 was against Club Brugge when Liverpool scored one goal. The score was (1-0).

In 1980-81, Bayern played against Real Madrid and won. A. Kennedy scored a goal at 81 minutes, making Liverpool the champions for the third time.

The fourth time Liverpool won was when they played against Roma. The match was intense as both the teams scored one goal. However, the penalty shoot-outs (4-2 pens) broke the tie, resulting in Liverpool’s win in European Cup in 1984-85.

In 2004-05, there was very exciting match between Liverpool and Milan. Milan scored three goals in the first half of the match, the first goal by Maldini in the first minute, followed by a double goal by Crespo with a 5-minute gap. The match took a 180 turn when Liverpool score 3 goals in the second half.  Gerrard scored at 54’, Smicer 56' and Xabi Alonso 60'. The draw was settled by a penalty shoot-out making (2 - 3p) Liverpool win the Championship for the fifth time.

Liverpool’s final win was over Tottenham Spurs. Salah scored a penalty goal at 2minutes and Origi scored the second at 87 minutes. Liverpool earned their sixth cup in UEFA Champions League 2018-19.

4. Bayern: 6 Wins

Bayern made three wins in a row during the 1970s.

Atletico and Bayern played the finals in 1973-74, where Atletico did not score a goal, and Bayern scored 4 goals. Double goals were scored by U. Hoeness at 28 minutes and 82 minutes. G. Muller also scored a double goal at 56 minutes and 69 minutes. The score (4-0) made Bayern the champion of European Cup 1973-74.

In 1974-75 Bayern played with Leeds. The match was exciting to watch as Leeds did not score any goal, and Roth scored the first goal at 71 minutes and G. Muller made the second one at 83 minutes. The victory made Bayern the championships once again.

Third time in a row, Bayern made it to the finals, they played against St-Etienne in 1975-76. The match fairly fascinating as St. Etienne was not able to score a goal, whereas, Roth scored a goal at 57 minutes making them win. 1975-76 European Cup was the third consecutive win the team had.

Bayern played against Valencia in 2000-01, both teams scored one goal each. The anticipation was great as the team had tied. However, after the penalty shoot-out the score was (5-4p), making it Bayern’s FOURTH win after 25 years.

After 12 years, Bayern made yet another win in 2012-13 when it played against Dortmund. The match was a very exciting match as both the teams performed outstandingly both scoring a goal each. Arjen Robben made table turns when he scored another goal at the last minute. The fans were in awe when Bayern won their fifth trophy.

Their final win so far has been the UEFA Championship 2019-2020 when Bayern played against PSG.
Coman scored a goal for Bayern at around 60 minutes. Bayern successfully defended all goals attempted by PSG. 2019-20 marks their sixth victory.

5. Barcelona: 5 Wins

The Cup was won by Barcelona in 1990-91 when the team played Sampdoria. Ronald Koeman scored the only goal for Barcelona after extra time.

The team made it to the finals once again in 2005-06, competing against Arsenal. Campbell scored a goal for Arsenal at 37 minutes. Eto scored a goal for Barcelona at 76 minutes and Belleti scored another at 81 minutes securing the team’s position and winning the UEFA Championship 2005-06.

In 2008-09 Barcelona achieved yet another victory as they won the UEFA Championship. This time Barcelona played against Manchester United. Samuel Etoo and Lionel Messi directed Barcelona to victory by scoring goals.

Once again, Barcelona and Manchester United made it to the finals together in 2011-12. United scored one goal, however, Pedro, Lionel Messi and David Villa scored superbly for Barcelona making history.

Juventus and Barcelona came face to face in 2014-15, Juventus scored one goal. Barcelona gave an outstanding performance when Ivan Rakitic, Luis Suarez and Neymar Jr. scored goals, making the team win their FIFTH UEFA Championship.

6. Ajax: 4 Wins

Ajax has won three European Cups in a row, and one UEFA Champion League.
The four times champions won their first cup in 1970-71 when they played against Panathinaikos. Van Dijk scored a goal in the first half and Haan scored in the second half. The final score was (2-0)

Ajax played against Inter where Cruyff scored two goals, in both first and second half of the match, defeating Inter by a (2-0) score. The European Cup 1971-72 was once again won by Ajax.   

Third time in a row Ajax won against Juventus. The match was tough as Rep scored the only goal for Ajax during the first five minutes. However, Ajax blocked all goal attempts successfully making them the Champions once again in 1972-73.

After, 22 years, Ajax made it to the champion list once again when they won against Milan. Kluivert scored a goal at 85 minutes, saving the team and winning the UEFA Champion League trophy in 1994-95.

7. Manchester United: 3 Wins

The team won the European Cup in 1967-68. The final match was between Man United and Benfica where Benfica scored one goal. Manchester United led by 4 goals, double goals scored by B. Charlton and the remaining two by Best and Kidd.

In 1998-99 the team played against Bayern. Basler scored a goal for Bayern at 6 minutes, United did not score any goal during the second half as well. The tables however turned after extra time was added, United scored two goals by Sheringham and Solskjaer after extra time was added. With a score of (2-1) Manchester United won the UEFA Champions League 1998-99.

Manchester United and Chelsea made it to the finals in 2007-08. Both the teams played remarkably and scored a goal each. However, United won the penalty shoot-out dramatically. The final score was 1-1(6-5 pens) making United the champions for the third time.


 8. Inter: 3 Wins

Inter played against Real Madrid. Felo scored a goal at 70 minutes for Real Madrid. Mazzola scored a goal for Inter in the first half at 43 minutes, and a second goal was scored by Milani at 76 minutes. The final goal was scored by Mazzola again at 76 minutes. With a score of (3-1), Inter won the European Cup 1963-64.
European Cup 194-65 was also won by Inter, when they won against Benfica. Jair scored a goal during the first half and Inter succeed in blocking all goals Benfica attempted.

Inter scored two goals against Bayern in 2009-10. A double goal by Diego Milito rose Inter in glory by marking them as the champions in 2009-10.

9. Chelsea: 2 Wins

Havertz goal wins Champions League for Chelsea against Manchester City


In 2011-12 Chelsea played against Bayern, the teams played a very interesting match as both teams scored one goal. However, Chelsea won the UEFA Champions League on penalties, scoring (4-3 pens).

In 2020-21 Chelsea played against Manchester City. Kai Havertz scored a goal for Chelsea (1-0) marking victory for the team and making them win Championship.

10. Porto: 2 Wins

Porto is also one the team to win both titles, the European Cup and UEFA Champion League.

In 1968-67 Porto won the European Cup by defeating Bayern by two goals.
Kogl scored a goal for Bayern during the first half. The match turned around in the second half as Madjer and Juary scored two goals three minutes apart from each other.

In 2003-04, Porto won the UEFA Champion League Cup against Monaco, after scoring 3 goals.  Monaco did not score any goal while Alberto scored a goal during the first half, and Deco and Alenichev scored two goals in the second half.


11. Juventus: 2 Wins

Juventus won the European Cup title in the year 1984-85. The team played against Liverpool where Platini scored a goal leading the team to victory.

The UEFA Champion League title was won in 1995-96 when the team played against Ajax.
The match was a draw as both the teams scored one goal. However, Juventus took the lead by winning the penalty rounds. (2-4p)


12. Nottingham Forest: 2 Wins

Nottingham Forest has won two titles till date. The title was won for two consecutive years 1978-79 and 1979-80. Forest won against Malmo when Francis scored a goal for the team, making them the winner of the European Cup 1978-79.

The European Cup 1979-80 was also won by Nottingham Forest when they won against Hamburg scoring (1-0).


13. Benfica: 2 Wins

Benfica scored two consecutive titles in the year 1960-61 and 1961-62. Both games were played under coach Bela Guttmann.

In 1960-61 match was played against Barcelona where Kocsis (21 minutes) and Czibor (75 minutes) scored two goals for Barcelona. Three goals were scored for Benfica by Aguas (31 minutes), Ramallets (32 minutes) and Coluna (55 minutes).

The 1961-62 European Cup’s match was played against Real Madrid. Puskas scored all the three goals for Real Madrid 18', 23', 39'. However, Benfica scored five goals by, Aguas 25', Cavem 33', Coluna 50' Eusebio 64' (p) and the last one was scored on the 69th minute.


14. Dortmund: 1 Win

The Dortmund vs Juventus match was quite interesting. Juventus scored one while, Karl-Heinz Riedle scored a double goal, another goal was scored by Lars Ricken for Dortmund marking the score as (3-1). The champion league 1996-97 title was awarded to Dortmund.


15. Marseille: 1 Win

Marseille played against Milan in 1992. Basile Boli scored a goal defeating Milan and making Marseille the first winners of the UEFA Champions League 1992-93.


16. Crvena zvezda: 1 Win

Crvena Zvezda played a challenging match against Marseille, neither of the teams could score a goal throughout the match. The teams only scored goals during the penalty shots. The Crvena Zvezda won the title in 1990-91 defeating Marseille by (5-3p).


17. PSV: 1 Win

In the season 1987-88, PSV played a tough match against Benfica. The teams only scored in penalty shots. The PSV won the title defeating Benfica by (6-5p).


18. FCSB: 1 Win

The Romanian club made history after winning against Barcelona in 1985-86. Neither of the teams were able to score any goals within the time allotted. However, FCSB won on penalties. (2-0p)


19. Hamburg: 1 Win       

In the season 1983-84, the Cup was won by Hamburg when Felix Magath scored a lovely goal against Juventus. The final score of the match was 1-0.


20. Aston Villa: 1 Win

In the season 1982-83, Aston Villa won the championship Cup after Peter Withe defeated Bayern by scoring a goal for the team. This win made it the sixth win in a row for English Clubs.


21. Feyenoord: 1 Win

Feyenoord under the management of Ernst Happel and Celtic under Jock Stein came face to face with each other. It was a very close competition as both teams scored a goal during the first half of the match. Gemmell scored the first goal for Celtic at 30 minutes, and Israel scored one for Feyenoord at 32 minutes. Neither team scored during the second half, so additional team was allotted. The day was saved by Kindvall when he scored the second goal for the team at 116 minutes, making Feyenoord the champion of the European Cup1969-70.


22. Celtic: 1 Win

In the season 1966-67 Celtic and Inter made it to the finals. Inter, under the management of Helenio Herrera scored a goal by Mazzola in the 7th minute of the game. The first goal for Celtic was scored by Gemmell in the 63rd minute, and the second was scored by Chalmers in the 84th minute. The 2-1 score made Celtic, coached by Jock Stein, the champions of the 1966-67 European Cup.